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Legal Community Survey: View Response #686

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Type of firm:

21-100 attorneys 

Current number of paralegals employed by your firm or department

Number hired in the past year

Are your paralegals employed at different levels?


If so, please indicate the titles used for entry-level, mid-level, and senior level:


If you do not hire paralegals, mark any of the following reasons that apply:

Would rather hire a law clerk 

Under what conditions do you think you would hire a paralegal?


Have you used students or graduates from the DMACC Legal Studies Program?

No, I have not hired a DMACC paralegal student or graduate. 

Had you heard of the DMACC Legal Assistant Program prior to taking this survey?


Would you like us to send you more information on the the DMACC Legal Assistant Program?

If yes, please give us your contact info at the end of the survey. Thanks! 

How did you learn about the DMACC paralegal program?  Please check all that apply.

Received resume of graduate of the program 


What salary does/do your paralegal(s) earn?

37,000 - 39,999 

What benefits do you offer your paralegal(s)?

Dental Insurance 


Of the areas listed below please indicate which skills your paralegal performs for you.  Check as many as apply.

Organizes files 

What computer programs or software do your paralegals use?


Which programs do you require a paralegal to know prior to being hired?



Corporate Law 


Please assist us in evaluating our program and curriculum by answering the following questions to the best of your ability.
In general (not using any particular graduate as the basis of your answers), please rate the following areas of our program:

  Poor Fair Excellent 
Legal-related conceptual knowledge 
Ability to prepare legal documents 
Communication and interpersonal skills 
Understanding of ethical principles 
Overall job preparation 

In which areas do you feel this program best prepares graduates?


In which areas do you feel additional preparation would be helpful?


Do you have any specific suggestions for improvements in curriculum or instruction of the program?



Would you like to receive information about how to obtain a volunteer intern to work in your office?


Would you like to receive information about how to become a teacher in the paralegal program?


Would you like to find out about the DMACC paralegal job board where openings are advertised?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions about receiving more information, please give us your name, address/e-mail, and phone number:

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